Polished Concrete About Us

Hello there, and I welcome you to my website. My name's Roger Clark and I got started designing and building websites about thirteen years ago. Surprisingly I am really a painter and decorator by trade, hence the move to making websites was slightly extreme, however I fell into it successfully and these days it simply is "what I do". To be frank I've found it an interesting challenge, developing concepts and putting them into practise, in some cases attempting to generate some cash from it and oftentimes just doing it for the fun of it. This website is a bit of both of those.

I wager that I'm not the only guy to have become angry while browsing websites by getting incessant pop-ups trying to peddle me stuff I don't need and newsletters I will never look at, nonstop adverts stuffed in my face which has nothing to do with what I am interested in, and in addition having to logon or register to achieve almost anything at all on the majority of websites. I can guess that you feel just the same after the resulting spam emails start appearing in your inbox and you have to expend your time every day removing that rubbish?

Well, while you will find some advertising on this website, it is not shoved down your throat, you will not get any pop-ups, you won't be asked to register or sign in and you won't receive any pointless emails or newsletters. My website isn't dynamic and so the content will not keep moving around or take ages to load.

It has constantly been my aim to create easy to use, basic sites that are hassle free and load quickly. I am hopeful that I've accomplished this here and that you've got some benefit from checking it out, or maybe at the very least not been irked by it.

I am not actually a polished concrete specialist myself therefore please do not contact me with any queries in connection with polished concrete or asking for job estimates for concreting work, this website was designed to advise you of the variety of ways to search for a trustworthy polished concrete specialist by yourself.

I cannot endorse or recommend any particular service, I have just simply provided a few methods for identifying one, the decision is ultimately yours to make.

It would be good to to see you here once again some day soon and thanks one more time for visiting.